Saturday, November 3, 2012

Singapore Bank Selling Renminbi Banknotes as Collectibles

While opening up my mails today, I realized a Singapore bank was advertising the sale of Chinese Renminbi (RMB) banknotes as collectible items as part of their early effort to advertise Chinese New Year products.  The collection is an album of six bank notes with the same serial number.  The album is selling for S$368.

I find this intriguing because in the past, they only sell albums of local currency but not RMB.  Does this signify and indicate a growing demand for RMB notes in the world? Why not sell US dollars banknotes, which is the world's reserved currency or Singapore currency banknotes as they do in the past?

Anyway, keep stacking gold and silver and perhaps the Renminbi banknotes too.  China is buying precious metals today.  Perhaps they know of the impending currency crisis that is looming and preparing to back their RMB with gold.

And wishing all readers an early happy Lunar New Year from Singapore!

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