Friday, May 25, 2012

Will Greece Exit the Eurozone?

Will Greece exit the Eurozone? These days the media are filled news on the possibilities and consequences of Greece exit from the Eurozone. But there is a minority who believes that Greece will not exit the Eurozone because the entire Eurozone is too big to fail. James Rickards is one of those. Primarily because the EU is a political project dominated by the Germans and not just an economical project. Here are some of his recent comments on twitter:
  • I've said all along, so one more time: #Greece not quitting, not kicked out. Euro not failing.
  • Europe evolving into export-investment power
  • Well, you just proved my point. If somthing cannot happen, it will not happen.
  • Why do people who believe that banks are too big to fail think that whole continents are not? Game is fixed, top down. Euro holds
  • Why do I say the Euro is "working as planned?" Because it's leading to integrated Europe under #German domination
Here was an interview he had with CapitalAccount.  You may jump to the 20th minute of the video where he shared his views on the Eurozone crisis.  I personally agree with his analysis on this possibility.

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